What does ''Energy Aligned'' mean?

It means uniting energy stakeholders around a common vision. Implementing unified market, technology, and workforce strategies to drive grid modernization. And most of all, ensuring that energy is sustainable, secure, resilient, and equitable for everyone.


Solar arrays generate more than clean, renewable energy. They represent an as-yet untapped economic force.

Industrial Controllers

SCADA and other technologies enable automated and remote monitoring and control.


Batteries are the heart of an integrated energy solution, providing both security and access to revenue streams.

Wholesale Markets

Participation in wholesale energy markets creates significant streams of revenue.

Power Electronics

Power electronics control and convert energy, allowing it to be more useful in a range of applications.


A neural chip crunches weather and other data in real time to optimize performance.

Natural Gas

Natural gas technologies add value to hybrid energy systems—when properly located and defined in application.

Metering & Verification

Accurate measurement means accurate, transparent and efficient management of energy use.


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    One of the key challenges we face in the deployment of renewable energy and smart grid systems is that many technologies are outpacing the capabilities of engineering, construction and even utility professionals. ProtoGen has been instrumental in helping us advance our smart grid systems while also supporting multiple education and training efforts including Solar Ready…

    David Riley, Ph.D. , Director, GridSTAR Center
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