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Putting Utilities Back in the Driver’s Seat

The continued convergence of energy and transportation is creating tremendous opportunity for new business models, even as it stacks the odds against traditional electric utilities. News of Renault-Nissan developing plans to build a 100 MWh grid battery with used EV/Hybrid batteries is big.  The dawn of super cheap batteries is here, just not in the…
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As the energy storage and microgrid markets mature, it is vital that the electrical workforce be ready to meet the safety and technical challenges. ESAM-TAC (Energy Storage and Microgrid Training and Certification) prepares electrical workers to safely and effectively assemble, test, commission, maintain, repair, and retrofit these systems, from small residential and commercial applications to projects…
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First Bite: How the Utility Business Model Could Eat Itself

Consolidation of the electric utilities has become a key strategy for companies like Exelon. As long-term energy profits are threatened by the high level of customer energy empowerment, teaming up makes sense. But now comes a new challenge in the form of technology-driven startup utilities like Drift. An algorithmic, big data-approach to rates and the…
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Humanity’s Last Invention

AI has arrived, and depending on your perspective, that’s probably somewhere exciting and worrisome. Virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa are helping us be more productive, and the prospect of solving big data problems like grid modernization with machine learning and cognitive computing is very exciting. But should we be looking at the bigger picture?…
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