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Clean Tech

Between long investment horizons and the conservative nature of the energy industry, it’s tough to succeed in the clean tech space. NREL characterizes two major pitfalls: the Technological Valley of Death and Commercial Valley of Death. ProtoGen has demonstrated experience navigating the perils of each. Tell us about your tech, and let’s implement a strategy…
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Electric Utilities

The utility business has never been more challenging. Distribution utilities in particular face the daunting task of maintaining operational reliability while simultaneously integrating distributed and renewable assets into the grid, and accounting for resource intermittency and increased cyberthreats. ProtoGen is uniquely positioned to help utilities solve these distributed energy challenges in a way that is…
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Energy Workforce Development

As the world transitions to renewable and distributed energy, it is vital that the electrical workforce be ready to tackle the corresponding safety and technical challenges – from residential to utility-scale, and across the entire project lifecycle. ProtoGen has developed programs and strategies to teach electrical workers how to safely design, assemble, install, commission, inspect,…
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