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First Bite: How the Utility Business Model Could Eat Itself

Consolidation of the electric utilities has become a key strategy for companies like Exelon. As long-term energy profits are threatened by the high level of customer energy empowerment, teaming up makes sense. But now comes a new challenge in the form of technology-driven startup utilities like Drift. An algorithmic, big data-approach to rates and the…
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Strategy vs. Planning

When preparing to accomplish a goal, our first reaction is often to plan. It is instilled in us from a young age. Winston Churchill said, “Plans are of little importance, but planning is essential.” Is that strategic planning? And where does strategy fit in, anyway? A strategy is how you position around an opportunity, and…
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Coal and Cold Turkey

The debate over coal vs. renewables has become very public. It highlights the tough decisions our country is trying to make. Clearly both play a significant role and dropping either cold turkey isn't an option. A plan to settle the debate must start by considering the consumers (where value is derived) and then prioritizing across the…
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