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  • Distributed energy consulting firm ProtoGen has announced the release of HybridFAST 8.0 – the Financial Advisory Spreadsheet Tool for solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, battery energy storage systems (BESS), and hybrid systems. Solar and storage systems are increasingly compatible investments for more efficient and resilient electrical grids. Citing a surge of interest in grid modernization across markets and sectors, ProtoGen has Continue Reading

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  • Penn State

    PHILADELPHIA — Penn State’s Department of Architectural Engineering has announced the release of an introductory guide for those in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania who are interested in conceiving, developing and financing ‘hybrid’ fossil fuel and renewable energy systems.The guide, titled “CHP-Enabled Renewable Energy in Microgrids in Pennsylvania: A Guidance Document for Conceiving Feasible Systems," is based upon work supported by the Department of Energy, Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE), under the State Energy Program through a grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.These systems can provide on-site, natural-gas-fueled electric and thermal (e.g. hot water or steam) energy generation (combined heat and power — CHP) in combination with renewable energy resources such as solar photovoltaic arrays and battery storage systems. Such systems provide an economically and environmentally attractive means to utilize Marcellus shale gas in combination with renewable energy resources to promote economic growth, with higher efficiency and lower emissions than conventional systems.The target audience for such systems is owners of commercial and industrial buildings and properties with well-defined thermal loads, including retirement communities, multi-family buildings, hospitals, food processors and any large users of steam or hot water; commercial, institutional and industrial parks and campuses; and municipalities and rural co-op organizations.

  • Energy Storage Networks

    ProtoGen initially developed HybridFAST to help its clients better understand the financial impacts and opportunities of their grid-interactive solar + storage projects. The tool models both energy-flows and cash-flows and is capable of simulating a wide range of system architectures, operational modes and market conditions. It contains no macros or hidden fields, and all calculations can easily be reverse-engineered, inspected, and modified for any purpose.

  • Solar Power World

    Distributed energy consulting firm ProtoGen has releasef its HybridFAST 8.0, a financial advisory spreadsheet tool for solar PV systems, battery energy storage systems and hybrid systems.

  • Penn State News

    While interning at ProtoGen Energy, Chen worked with various companies and research teams to strengthen partnerships between industrial and academic partners. Chen collaborated with participants from 11 other countries for measures to improve the environment.

  • Engineered Systems Magazine

    ProtoGen co-founder and president Kevin Wright presented at a workshop organized by Danfoss and Pennsylvania State University at Philadelphia to explore the impact of energy storage on U.S. resilience and the United Nations net-zero carbon buildings program. The presentation was titled "Market Transformation: Grid, Building and Energy Storage Systems Integration."