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Tools for the Toolbox

Energy Transition Planning Flashcards In our last blog post, we laid out the need for tools and resources that can help energy transition advocates to increase their knowledge and ability to engage constructively with industry stakeholders. Today we’re going to focus on Energy Transition Planning Flashcards. Download as a free bookmarked PDF | Also available…
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Mitigation Planning as Framework for Energy Transition Planning

“Climate change mitigation icon” is used under CC0 1.0. Conversations about climate change are increasingly driven by stories about its adverse effects in real time, from flooding and temperature swings to the near-normal occurrence of Category 5 hurricanes and beyond. It’s well understood that renewable energy will play an important role in mitigating the root…
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Cupholders and Microgrids

When the first Ford model T rolled off the production line in 1908, it didn’t have cupholders. Ford’s idea was simplicity of design. This method enabled quick and therefore low-cost production, which in turn allowed millions of people to become first-time car owners. It wasn’t until 45 years later in 1953 that the vehicle cupholder…
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